*Weight Management Hypnosis Group

Instructor, Laura G. Amoroso, NLP Hypnotherapist

Every day you are more aware of every morsel you even think

about eating. Calories are energy measurement. You actually

need less food. Use your mind power to honor your body.

Your willpower is stronger than ever before.

You eat right and feel light.

Answer three questions for an in group intake, Hypnosis is explained and demonstrated.

Get comfortable for the group session with levels of suggestion in a safe, fun, group.

Notice the difference in your life between each week.


Two classes one week apart for instance: Consecutive Mondays 6pm – 8pm

Six people minimum 80.00 each



      Stop Smoking Now with HYPNOSIS             

   Instructor, Laura G. Amoroso, NLP Hypnotherapist


Replace smoking with WATER. Zero calories wash away the desire and toxins.

Stop smoking like so many others have. Increase your willpower. Now is the time!  

You are ready to take care of yourself and commit to this time!  

It is your decision to be a NON-Smoker.


Two classes - one week apart, consecutive   weekdays

Come alone or bring a friend.     $95.00 a person 


*Calmness Training – A Way of Life

Better than Stress Management

Instructor, Laura G. Amoroso, NLP Hypnotherapist

In this hectic, go, go, go no alone time world. Learn and practice stress management and awareness techniques. React in a peaceful way no matter who is pushing your buttons. Learn a very simple secret of life.

Answer questions, share information in a safe fun group. Enjoy a meditation for sealing in your newfound calmness and learned techniques.


Two Hours i.e.: 6pm – 8pm

Six people minimum 50.00 each


*Chakra Meditation – So Powerful yet Easy

Instructor, Laura G. Amoroso, NLP Hypnotherapist

Learn the most wonderful of all meditations. This is a life changer, deeply serious and enormously uplifting and freeing. If you thought you couldn’t meditate because you think of ‘nothing’ are is the answer. Learn the seven most prominent points of body energy. Walk away more in touch with who you are and the world around you. Gather your friends or come on your own.

  $85.00 energy exchange three hour class.


*Dreams Board Party - Map to Make it Happen

Instructor, Laura G. Amoroso, NLP Hypnotherapist

All the things you want in life can happen. Law of attraction and your subconscious team up to arrange your future. A meditation and instruction help you focus in on the real secret of how it works. If that’s not awesome enough you get to craft as well. Boards, glue, and magazines supplied.Feel free to bring more.  Invite friends. It’s a party.  45.00 a person  Two Hours


Laura G. Amoroso, ACH is an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer, Reiki Certified since 1992 and master in 1994. She has taught Meditation, NLP and Hypnotherapy to nurses doctors and laypeople. Laura hypnotized thousands of people for behavior success. She also performs the comedy www.LauraAmorosoHypnosisShow.com helping corporations and schools to love, laugh and understand hypnosis. She is a certified member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists and has been a speaker for the NGH, and The International Association of Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy. 

www.HypnosisHere.com        Laura@HypnosisHere.com           215-483-7829                  (2018)

             Corporate and Private Groups are available at your location.

                          Professional Hypnosis Stage Shows Available. 

A few past Classes held  at 1813 Marsh Rd.,DE

 Weight Management - June 4 and 11, July 9 and 16, Aug.13th and 20th, Meditation Sept. 20th, 

Smokeing Cessation, Stress Management,

 Goal Setting

          215-483-7829       Laura@HypnosisHere.com