Your Private Hypnosis Session

Now is the time. You are ready to change for the better.
Laura Amoroso

Your Session consists of an intake interview to customize your personal change followed the hypnotherapy which includes layered techniques using information about your life and the change you desire. Most changes are accomplished in one to three sessions

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Your sixty minute session    $225.00.  


Dust off your Willpower.

About Hypnosis 

Anyone can be hypnotized. Daydreaming is light hypnosis. Most behavior change is achieved in the lightest levels. Trust of the hypnotist is one of the variables in each success story and why our clients recommend us. Laura Amoroso has been a certified hypnotherapist since 1994. In addition, Laura has trained research scientists, nurses, doctors and laypeople. She is an accomplished Hypnotherapist and has performed hundreds of hypnosis shows and events.