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Studies show peoples number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death.  This can't be right... if you go to a funeral, you're better off in the casket then doing the eulogy.  - Jerry Seinfeld  :)     


 Jerry's right. It doesn't make sense to have such a fear about talking in front of a crowd that your heart feels like jumping from your chest. Your hands and body perspire. You drew a blank about what you planned to convay. Fear of public speaking and other fears and phobias are caused by the subconscious mind thinking we are in danger.  It is rational to have some amount of nerves over speaking in front in front of an audience. It is not life or death. Training the mind to understand this and turn the dial down is just one advantage to using Hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic Programming for public speaking. One client I worked with preferred to speak to two people in his management office tops. He didn’t like going to restaurants, they are too public. After our first hypnosis session he spoke at his church. By the fourth and final session, and the reason he first came to me, he spoke in front of an audience of three thousand people.

He said, “It was a piece of cake”.              Laura Amoroso  NLP Hypnotherapist

Hypnosis for Fear of  Public Speaking

Laura explains hypnosis, asks important questions, points out the old way of thinking and conducts the hypnosis session. Your information determines the suggestions given in your session. Laura uses several techniques for the best outcome for each person.